Starting with a small number of ‘seed’ artworks and growing as others are added to the project, Trapezium's “Seeds” project are inviting Bradford artists, photographers and other creatives to choose one piece of work (from this gallery) and to make something new inspired by it.

These new artwork can then be submitted to the growing Seeds gallery, branching out to reseed new and inspiring works of art.

For more details and to get involved click here

  • Lost Love Lost Love
  • Closing Down Closing Down
  • Life in the Hive Life in the Hive
  • Patchwork Patchwork
  • Red-Violet Vibes Red-Violet Vibes
  • SeaWall SeaWall
  • Back to Form Back to Form
  • LandGuard LandGuard
  • Locked Down Locked In Locked Down Locked In
  • Splash Splash
  • Orchid Orchid
  • Unbarred Unbarred
  • Barred Barred
  • Tent Yellow Magenta Tent Yellow Magenta
  • Richard Dunn Richard Dunn
  • Dreaming of Sunrise Dreaming of Sunrise
  • One Glove May 2020 One Glove May 2020
  • Out to Lindisfarne and Back Out to Lindisfarne and Back
  • Over the Wall Over the Wall
  • Nineteen (9th April 2020) Nineteen (9th April 2020)